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Hello, I am looking for a nice brown paper that takes a fairly deep impression. I don’t want a dark chocolate brown as I plan to print a dark brown ink on it. Something in the range of chocolate milk. I have printed on chip board- and really don’t like how it takes an impression- it is too rigid. Any suggestions? Dyan

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In the offerings of traditional printmaking papers a line of cotton papers named Stonehenge has two tan/brown papers. Sheet size is 22 x 30 inches, 100 % cotton. Printed dry or, better still, very lightly dampened and it prints beautifully. Kind of pricey if printing large editions, but very nice. I am certain that others will have as good or better suggestions. Good luck!


Today’s commercial printing methods rely more on using pigment to color paper than to lay pigment over colored paper. The range of colors in any line of paper is a fraction of what was offered even a decade ago.

I certainly won’t debate the limited colors but French paper has an interesting line called Durotone. Not quite chocolate milk colored but a brown. Prints nice on a letterpress.

Customers have brought me colorful French papers to print, an unusual range today, but in density they like any other commercial cover stock, nothing like softer cotton sheets such as Stonehenge or Lettera.

Hello Dyan,

I’ve used Fabriano Tiziano,, and it prints great dry. It comes in many colors, including a few nice browns.


Durotone only comes in 80# thickness. If you want something thicker, you might check French’s Poptone line, which has a color called Hot Fudge in up to 140#. I don’t have any experience with that particular line, but I have used other French papers and always been quite happy with them.

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