AArrg! Parchment (or similar) for a treasure map

Hi All
I already posted this on Letpress but thought that I’d post it here also, hoping for some quick response. I have a customer requesting the rush printing of 500 treasure maps. I’ll be printing them on my C & P OS and am looking for suggestions on where to find a nice, authentic looking paper (cotton preferred) that I can get my hands on quickly. Price is not object but I need a paper that will print well, look amazing and that can be rolled up to put in a bottle. Any help that I can get from you all would be greatly appreciated!

Paper Stone Printing

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If you find a paper and want to give it and old look try soaking it in cold tea.

Imitation parchment is fairly easy to get and looks pretty good although it is not cotton. Try an office supply store(in Canada Coveys or Staples) or even better, a place that carries Calligraphy supplies. Sometimes the ‘quik print’ type places also have it on hand as an option………good luck……db

Hi Paper Stone,

Here’s the one I think David might be referring to. As he said, you can find it at an office supply store. I have some in the gold color, and it would make a fine treasure map. Not cotton, though.