Windmill gripper travel adjustment

I am helping my friend to fix her second hand windmill. The grippers seems to travel a bit too far as the side lay gauge keep poking into the paper instead of pushing it to the left. Now we are trying to get around it by using cheaters but it does not completely solve the problem.
Does the thread rod at the centre of the gripper assembly let us do adjustment to the gripper bar travel? If it does, in hat procedure shall I do it?

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The side lay may be adjusted too far to the left. I’d try adjusting it all the way to the right.

It is also possible that the gripper doesn’t open wide enough and early enough for the side lay gauge to register it. Fallow the linkages, undo the bolts and shorten the pins to adjust its timing and degree of opening. I think old users use a small opening to print thin papers, now we mostly print thick papers we have to open it wider. I encountered this problem when approaching an unused machine.

If the gripper is parallel to the rails when the clam shell is closed, the amount of travel is correct.

A while back I had an old printer work here. He did everything on the commercial register ( no lay gauges ) and he kept on adjusting ( shimming ) the T1201 Front Lay Standard base to bring the image to position. He used paper, cardboard or aluminium offset plate to do the adjustment. Eventually I ended up installing an adjustment screw with a knurled knob on the rear of the base of the lay standard for his convenience. He is not here any more and I don’t use that adjustment.
But it looks like that shimming the Front Lay Standard was a common thing to do in the olden days. If the shim is not removed, and switching over to Hairline Register might cause a problem you describe.

If the Front Lay Standard base is shimmed on the front, the gripper bite is increased.