Importing a Heidelberg Windmill from the US to Australia


I’m new to letterpress and I am looking at importing a press from the US to Australia and I was wondering if there is anything I should be aware of before I commit to purchasing a press.

One of the main areas I have concerns about is the power supply because the US runs on 110v and Australia runs on 240v. Does anyone know if the press will run on 3 phase / 240v in Australia?

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!


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You will need to replace the motor to one meeting Australian specs. If you have 3 phase power available in your building, it will be at 440v. For the motor specs, find someone in Australia who has a Windmill and ask for the motor details.
Check the classifieds, there was a Windmill available in Townsville Qld for free.

Thanks for the advice! Thats a massive help.

I think I know someone who has one so I will get in touch with them about the specs of there motor.

Cheers for the heads up about the Windmill in Townsville. I’ll look into that as well.

I would suggest, Jack Boggs Recycling, (just google him) he also sells any printing equipment. Very experienced in shipping over seas. He has some cherry looking equipment. He would even send you pictures of it.
Good Luck!!

You can purchase single phase 240v motors to run a platen no problem
Hope all went well with your purchase
If you need any info or help please feel free to contact us [email protected] check out our web site we stock most consumables and parts for platens and cylinders

How much roughly is the shipping cost? (US to Aus) Is it difficult to organise?

Gidday from Australia

Last year I got a quote to crate and ship a 15MA Challenge Proof Press from the US to Australia. I was quoted USD$1000 landed in Melbourne.The electricity/voltage issue would have been one to deal with as well, but nothing major really.
You are better off keeping a regular eye on Ebay or Gumtree (Australia) as Heidelberg Platens come up all the time. Last year a retired Heidelberg maintanence guy was selling three of his presses in Perth. Make local enquiries in your town/city with established printing companies.You will be suprised how many Black balls/Red balls are gathering dust in sheds.Good luck.

Hi Scott

Here is a link to an Aussie company that has several Heidelberg platens for sale:

Hi Scott we supply and import letterpress machinery all over the world and we can include shipping costs
Please feel free check our company

Hi Scott,

Hope you are well. You must have your reasons for wanting to get the press from the US. However, i would also wait and find one here. It would not be long. I follow platen sales and there must have been at least 1 windmill a month last year. Lots in victoria. More often are the black handle ones. Very cheap. They are still good. A few improvements as you probably know on the red handle ones but i had a black handle one for a few years until i could upgrade.

Where are you located? A big expense in most cases is the pickup and transport so try and locate one nearby.
Check out Grays online there are 2 nice lockout model Windmills for auction one even has foiling.
Good luck.

I should have mentioned that the Graysonline auction Platens are in Brisbane and note that a removal fee of $1390 will be added to the hammer fall price for removal and loading onto a truck. This seems a bit steep but at least removes that part of the relocation worry, you will only have to arrange a truck to transport it to you.

It seems the fee is $1390 to remove them from the building to another building then there would be a similar fee to remove it to a third location.