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hi folks,
I need a quick favor… I am printing an urgent job which is using Pantone 7754u and unfortunately I don’t have any color past 7500 in my book. Could someone please give me the mixing formula, the job is not a large project but the color is very important and I can’t justify spending over 40% of the fee on the book for one color.

thanks in advance,

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Sorry I can’t help you with the formula, but one observation. If the color is very important, do you really want to depend on the formula alone to get a color match, without having the PMS swatch to compare the printed job to? Even if you got the hue exactly right, you could print the color slightly light or dark if you put somewhat more or less ink on the press.

Have the ink mixed by ink co. And ask for drawdowns on stock you will be using (sheets supplied by you) it is a common practice in commercial printing.

I received the new pantone book from a printers this morning but there is no formula on it. But at least I have the color to play with now. I have too print today, so having someone mix it is out of the question. Thanks for the replies.

Once I had a customer give me a Pantone number that was out of some other PMS system, like interior design; Pantone is not only about printing. If a customer can’t supply you with a workable formula, either get them to readjust their expectations in terms of printing or don’t accept the job. Not accepting jobs is a valid commercial practice, especially if you are going out of known territory. Or get the latest PMS book before it becomes urgent.

Here you go.

Yellow 012 - 25.25
Orange 021 - 4.32
Black - 7.42
Trans. Wt. - 63.01

thanks Ron and Parallel_imp, I ended up mixing it by eye and it came out great… on two passes