Small Case/Tray Interest?

My son is making some 12-1/2” x 12-1/2” trays (without dividers) to store reglets, etc. in, as well as some quarter-size (6-1/4” x 6-1/4”) trays with deep sides to store borders standing up. We chose the size so that they’d stack neatly with our 12-1/2” square type cases.

I’m wondering if there would be enough interest for him to consider making some trays for sale. We didn’t need to buy lumber for the sides for this run, so I don’t have anything like a price estimate.

I’ll post pictures once he gets some of the full-sized trays assembled, he started out with the quarter-sized (and some half-sized ones for his wargaming miniatures).

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LonOtter, Sir, Good thinking and forward planning?? As you imply you have a format/size to work to, perhaps as has been done here, U.K. try to stay within the confines of overall size for compatability and existing cabinet size. For a long long time our Hobby And Small Printers have reproduced cases, for this reason. but almost always make their internal dividers all the same size?? . . Ideally some form of subdivision to follow, full size case format, is desireable, even if it is only, (for example) in both caps and lower case A,E,N,O,R,S.T, & a,e,n,o,r,s,t, double width or double depth, for these characters, plus possibly Diagonal, reglet or card spacers, for X/Z, Q/&, !/? $/£, ./, (/) etc etc, or, whatever needs very little space???
One more little gimmick, that would be dependent on ownership of or access to reasonably sophisticated bench saw, WITH SAFETY paramount??? and the ability of the saw to rebate or under cut, acquire hardwood strips from D.I.Y. or similar, pre planned to about 3/4 of an inch high and the thickness of the cut of the blade, cut as many as required to exact length and height to fit into the case(s) and then with careful measurements, under cut vertical and horizontal strips exactly 50% of the total depth and slot together, i.e. horizontal facing up, and vertical facing down, or vice versa?? No Pins, No glue, and easily revamped, IF?
Perhaps trawl E bay under *Adana* and see a selection of what is offered here, U.K. just for clues and modify for Home Consumption.
Hope this helps for starters, and Good Luck to the *A* Team.

Mick - he’s talking about cases.trays WITHOUT any internal dividers. 12.5 x 12.5 inches seems like an odd dimension to me so I have no clue what his original square type cases are. Sounds to me like galleys would serve the same purpose.

Back in days when 35mm slides were the rage, I collected hundreds of those 2” plastic cubes that they generally came in. You simply open them up and place them on galleys to become two square compartments to hold borders and all manner of small cuts, dingbats and fleurons, etc. They have been an invaluable aid to me for decades for storing those kinds of materials. I always save small boxes for uses like this. Chipboard strips can be used inside them to separate lines of materials.


The 12-1/2” square type cases I have are presumably Kelseys, as shown on the Excelsior Press website in an original Kelsey ad and with a current starter Kit:

Yes, galleys probably work, if you have them - but we don’t. I do have lumber, tools, and an unemployed college student looking for ways to earn some cash. Also, galleys have that open side, which makes it easier to dump things out of when moving them, which I’m not unlikely to do.

We needed a way to store various things, and the trays seem like they will work better than our earlier attempts. Time will tell.

Rick, Sir, fully appreciated and understood, thank you, my *ramblings* were based on hindsight and trying to point L. O. ,s Son in the right direction without too many false starts, and possible, disappointments, Yes 35 m/m slide boxes, always good storage compartments in multiples!! but in the event that the world has left analogue 35 m/m behind, here in U.K. Hardware & D.I.Y. stores, supply plastic containers at 50% ish, of the size of 35 m/m boxes and bigger, but colour mix and match, possibly an advantage!!
Adana starter kits always included 2 plastic galley,s (flimsy but usable) with one loaded with small plastic compartments.
From Lon,s last post he is viewing, Kelsey,s publicity, which was/is very similar to Adana,s and may well be useful and informative…
Good Luck for the new potential *Master Carpenter*
Rick, Thanks, & Happy New Year, Mick

Here are pictures of my new trays in use, plus one of the half-size trays my son made for his miniatures.

image: Tray depths.jpg

Tray depths.jpg

image: Trays_Top.jpg