3x5 chase for which press? (Images attached)

My aunt passed away and I am cleaning out some of her attic space. I have no idea why my aunt would have this chase to an old printing press in her attic. I do not know which press it comes from. It measures 4x6 on the outside and 3x5 on the inside. See below images.

Perhaps it is a part I can advertise in your classifieds that a printer enthusiast might need or want. I am a collector of older automobiles and could not find it in my heart to just give this part to a Goodwill without attempting to see if there is anyone out there who might really need it for their collection. - If there is another website you might direct me to for this information, then that would be very helpful also.

(I am new to this site. If I should have posted this in another category or with better protocol, then please let me know.)

Thank you very much.

image: 0105141320b.jpg


image: 0105141319.jpg


image: chase3.JPG


image: 0105141320a.jpg


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I posted this in the General Discussion area and already got replies on it. Excuse the lack of discussion forum etiquette in posting in 2 different forums the same question on the same website. I later realized that it makes sense to collect all the pertinent thought and discussion in one forum rather than splitting it up.