Origins and details - MERCEDES 1

Hello everyone,

Needed : details and origins how this machine operates etc.

MERCEDES 1 - Only thing that we know is that this prints on very thin paper.

Discernable detail on machines : (S/5?)


Typ: DN S03 Nr. 196 722
u/min: 1420 kW 1.8 PS 2,5
v 400_ ⩟ 440Y

image: Mercedes 1.jpg

Mercedes 1.jpg

image: Label Katt.png

Label Katt.png

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Thi is all I’ve ever seen on the Mercedes (thank you Bill Elliget):

Ashvina - Some information about Glockner presses appears in this post, too:

Thank you @parallel_imp and @j archibald!

- Ashvina