Bumper Sticker on Letterpress

Our community is looking into printing bumper stickers on our C&P for a project, and i found your post. I have heard that “Tough Text” ink will print on vinyl bumper sticker stock and that you can order vinyl sticker stock at oracal.com.

Has anyone done this? How did it go for you? Do the stickers last and are they pretty UV resistant? Do you have any better ideas?


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might be called tuff tex I used it to print on metallic foil ps stock years ago may be a van son product.

It is, in fact, TOUGH TEX made by Van Son. Here’s a link to their page for it.


Though what you may want instead is TOUGH TEX LR, their light-resistant version.


The only thing to keep in mind is that the LR version’s colors aren’t as accurate. Apparently, the UV resistant pigments can’t produce as many colors.

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN


Kyle Schlesinger, of Cuneiform Press, would be a good person to contact. Kyle did a book a few years back called _Bumpers_—a whole volume of bumper-stickers printed letterpress. (I don’t have his email on hand, but a quick google will bring him up.)

Also a good resource for all things press-related.

Andrew Rippeon