Suddenly zero suction - Windmill


This evening I set up a short envelope job on the press and sent a couple of testers through to test registration, etc. Everything was great!

Now I’m ready to run the whole job and there is zero suction happening. I have lots of blast but the suckers will not pick up a sheet no matter what I do.

I’m pretty new at this so there’s a good chance I’m missing something really basic…. I do know, however, that the suckers are open. :)

I did check the hose to the left that connects the suckers and the filter was clean.

Any ideas for me? So frustrated!

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Did you check the angle of the suckers? Check the hose didn’t disconnect between the pump and the press. I’ve had that happen before.

Anything you may have changed or adjusted between running your test and starting the job run?

Little metal clip on the sucker bar?
Just the suckers in line with the sheets turned on?
Trip knob pushed in?

Hi guys -

Thanks so much. It’s totally amateur hour over here…. one of the hoses behind the feed table was totally disconnected (probably from when I replaced the belt this weekend). Reattached and now I’ve got suction!

However, now every single time the suckers grab a sheet, the press stops. I’ve adjusted that little knob under the trip plunger and have twisted it all the way to the left…. the press still stops with every single rotation. It IS sucking a sheet properly, it just keeps triggering the press to stop.

Never without a problem over here! Huge learning curve….

Thanks again!

Any extra suckers open?

Actually, no. There are five open which just cover the width of the sheet.

As a test, I’d see if it stops even with all the suckers closed and the little metal clip on the sucker-bar covering the hole… if so, it is leaking air in somewhere. Maybe a crack in the sucker hose, or a loose fitting.

Try using fewer seperator springs and less tilt .
Did you alter the wires tension on the safety guard during your service foray ? you have the guard down i assume .
If this persists watch the little peg (Part T1647) its in the illustrations in first pics of part Q of the parts manual this should be nodding up and down with each missed sheet if it isnt then you may have a need for oil or some help.
assuming all your hoses are firmly clipped (I have hose clips on mine that have hand operated screws so no tools are required in these situations with air and vacuum problems , they get us all at some time or other and due to the number of things it can be it has no bearing at all if you are a newbie or not !!