Prices are reduced!

Well, I’ve had many many things sell from my 1900s letterpress shop since my ad posted here recently. I have met and spoken to many very nice people, too. Presses are gone but it seems other larger items are not selling as well as I thought. So prices must come down.

I still have a very nice oak Hamilton 48 type case cabinet with banks and spacing units above. A great large ‘stone’ with drawers, matter boards, reglet and furniture storage. Galley racks galore. etc.

Also some items that may not be letterpress, but I’m not sure with the new way of making plates. Baum 714 folder, mid-century light table and a Nuarc 26-1K exposure system.

I think I have found a home for my Model 18 Linotype but still have many mags and mats to dispose of. Scrap is what’ll happen if no takers. I cannot keep 35/40 mags.

Thanks for all your advice and help in the past.

Photos and prices on request.


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