litho press

I have an old litho press, set up and operating, that I’ve decided to sell. If anyone can help me determine a fair asking price it would be most appreciated. The maker is E. Lempuhl and sons, made in Chicago. I’ve never found anything on the net about that maker, it is 19th c., looks a lot like a Fuchs and Lang. May have been a company lost in the Great Fire, who knows. Thanks for any forthcoming suggestions and help.

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The size (bed size) of the press could be one selling point, as a buyer might be interested in printing images of a specific scale. Condition and completeness is a factor as well. Presses like these usually had wooden beds, with steel or iron slats underneath, and then some sort of top cover, normally linoleum with thin sheet metal over that. Check the underside of the bed to see if there are any cracks or splits. And, with any old iron press, check for cracks or welds. A ballpark figure would be around $1000.00 - $1500.00 but this is a rough estimate without knowing anything else. Litho presses like this can be taken apart without too much trouble, though I recommend a helper when you do this. Sure does make them much easier to load and transport.