Letterpress Label adhesives

I am currently looking at possibilities for sticking letterpress labels onto glass jars for a clients product. I have 110g cotton paper which the client likes which is ideal for the printing job. However, the problem we are having is the application of the label to the jar. A very nice quality paper or cotton-feel paper with an adhesive backing would be the answer, but I have never heard of such a thing.

Can anyone give me any suggestions as to how we could stick the labels onto the jar or if it exists… a supplier for a lovely paper with adhesive backing which would just be printed and stuck on simply onto the glass without the mess. There are 1000 jars and each has to have a string tied to it to seal the jar and the budget won’t stretch to something which is too time consuming.

I look forward to hearing your advice and suggestions,


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If you can navigate the back Posts/Archives, on B.P. ? about 6 to 8 months since there was big discussion, with many possibilities & alternative,s about this very subject, including references from tiny home bottling operations, up to mass production factory/automatic bottling, labeling lines. !!!
If you can access the back posts, Good Luck.

Strathmore paper has label stock that should work for you
Ted Lavin
Artificer Press

Thanks Mick and Ted, Strathmore sounds good, I will see if I can find it.

I used Strathmore label for any packaging job that comes in. There’s just nothing else readily available. I’ve had custom adhesive added to wine label papers, but the cost is quite a bit. Strathmore is available through Mohawk directly – mohawkconnects.com – or I’m sure there are some other sites as well.