guillotine shopping

I am in the market for a guillotine but am not sure what exactly I need or where to start looking. We are a small printshop on an island so transportation is a tiny bit tricky. Any help and opinions are very much appreciated!

Thank you!

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When deciding on the size of your cutter- it would be good to kleep in mind the press-sheet size for your press;
the knife-width on your guillotine should comfortably cut across the longer size but AT LEAST clear the short side in case you max the sheet-size out.

So, for example, I use a C&P 10x15; therefore, my 19” Challenge lever operated guillotine is adequate because it cuts far wider than the wider dimension.

Other than that, going manual VS hydraulic will be a question of how much cutting you’ll be doing VS how comfortable you are with shipping the item to you; my guess is you’re going to ship it through the same system either way unless you’re going to transport it on your own boat :-)

I wouldn’t consider anything less than a 30” cutter with hydraulic clamp and cut. You have to buy your paper in basis sheets to succeed, so you need at least 26” of cutting width. Check this one out: