eBay Finds….

Like most, I spend a pretty good chunk of time scouring the internet for all things letterpress-related. Many of my searches take me to eBay, which is pretty much a hit or miss in regards to what’s out there for sale. Ive seen some pretty ridiculous prices for letterpress, printing, and bindery items, but this has to take the cake!


would LOVE if people could add some of the ridiculous and funny listings to this discussion board.

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That *has* to be a typo, the description seems sensible enough.

There already is a thread for ridiculous eBay auctions:


I don’t know…that seems a reasonable price for that kind of cutter in good condition. What are you expecting, $100?


i emailed the seller and he changed the price. it was listed $115,000.00

Yes, when I visited the link earlier it was set to $115k :p