Paragon 30” approximate weight

I got my hands on a 30” Paragon manual paper cutter. Exciting! I can’t find an approximate weight on it. Any ideas? It’s not on a pallet, so we were wondering if an appliance dolly and a few strong men could muscle it onto a low trailer (with a ramp). Thanks! Erica

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If it’s anything like the Peerless Gem I used to own I would estimate the weight around 800-1000lbs. Not a lightweight. A few strong men should be able to remove the bed of the cutter (make sure the blade is safely removed beforehand) and this will make moving/loading much easier.


Thanks Brad!

Update: we moved this and Brad was right… Definitely between 800 - 900 lbs. Originally tried to move it as-is, and the 2x4’s broke from the weight when the guys tried to move it. We took the lever, counterweight and the bed off, which really helped. At this point the 2x4s held. When we moved it back to our shop we got 2x6s which worked better. Definitely doable with 4 strong men and a rented 5x9 UHaul open trailer with a ramp.

Love this cutter!