Arab Crown Folio (10x15)


I recently purchased an Arab Crown Folio (10x15) It only came with one of the three rollers, I am planning on having some rollers made, but want to make sure I am providing the maker the right dimensions. Just in case the roller I have is not actually a roller that belongs to my press I was hoping someone out there with the same press could provide me with the dimensions of their rollers.


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I have just had two Arab Crown Folio rollers recovered and one additional one made by the Regal Rubber Co in Fife, tel: 01592 780632.
The shaft length is 18.25” with the rubber covered bit 15”
Thew shaft diameter is .5”
Hope this helps.
Regards from Scotland,
Tim Honnor

the Tim Honnor from Piccolo Press? Where about are you based in Scotland?


The label photos attached are specifically for an Arab 10x15 platen, manufactured by Bingham Coates Australia (some time ago)

Length of face: 420mm
Finish Diameter: 50mm
Shore Hardness: 24-28

Hope this helps


image: RollerLabel2.jpg


image: RollerLabel.jpg