Vandercook 17 Composing Room Press

We own a damaged Vandercook 17 Composoing Room Cylinder Press with missing pieces. We are in need of a copy of the manual and/or photo’s of the press - specifically the paper tray assembly and cast iron piece that holds the handle. (see pictures of areas needed.)
Also, we have not been able to locate the serial number anywhere on this press. Would love any info you might have to offer or even leads on a parts press. THANKS!

image: Vandercook17-broken-castiron-piece.jpg


image: Vandercook17-broken-castiron-piece-fullview.jpg


image: Vandercook17-loose-parts.jpg


image: Vandercook17-papertray-arm.jpg


image: vandercook17-tag.jpg


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Hi - I found the following by doing a search on Google Images. There were a lot of other pictures as well. It also tells where the serial number is located. Hope this helps!

Already been there, Thanks.

Hi! I also own a damaged #17 that’s missing parts —- but I’m missing different parts than you, it sounds like. Would LOVE to discuss, swap information, photos, etc. Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll give you my phone number!



I know nothing about Vandercooks, is this anything like yours?