putz pomade consistency

Just picked up a jar of Putz Pomade and was surprised at its consistency. Is it supposed to be rather hard, like a wet clay, or did I just get something that has been sitting on a shelf for a long time? I was expecting something more goopy.

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It’s definitely more like a clay.

There is also a product called Putz Liquidflow that may be what you are accustomed to using. I use the clay-like Pomade and find that it works well.


It thickens over time too. Shake it before using it. One of my old bottles was so thick it could barely make it out of the bottle so I added a bit of mineral spirits to it.

Thanks everyone. It seems my jar is a-okay.

awilbert, an ole’timer I used to work with would polish
his wedding ring with putz, before he went home at night.
best james

Jeweller’s rouge is the common abrasive component in the Putzes. The thicker paste is best for hand-rubbing or cloth-wheel polishing, the liquid run on press rollers. You can thin the paste with solvent for use on press. Excessive use can ruin the rollers, but used carefully it is a good remedy for roller glaze.