lead type and borders w/32x16x1.25 drawers

i had recently posted that i had several drawers (hamilton and keystone) that are full of old lead type of various styles and sizes. i also have a couple of drawers of borders that seem quite unique. i recieved some helpful comments and phone calls and had some enjoyable conversations. i live in the cleveland area (elyria) and i would like to go ahead and sell all of the type , borders and drawers. the drawers are ~90 compartment 32x16.5x1.25 so i am going to include pictures and ask that anyone who wishes could make me a fair offer on all or part of this collection. please call me with any questions and i can send more pics or give descriptions to the best od my ability. when i mention trade i am not looking for more printing stuff but i am open to anything interesting. well for some reason i cannot upload pictures so i will send them upon request.
phil 440 309 4030 or 440 309 9328

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