C&P Type Saddle Spring Compression

Hi Everybody!
Got myself a video camera and would like to share my very first video on this little, very economical tool I built, for the nasty job of compressing the saddle spring back onto the saddle post: http://youtu.be/wMLvs4u8vOQ
Let me know what you think.


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Brilliant! Much better than my string method.

That’s clever.

I’ve used the string method, but last go ‘round I shoved it on as far as I could, put the pin in in the middle of the spring, and “screwed” the rest of it on. Slow going, but a lot easier than doing it by hand.

I like Hugo’s technique better.

Thanks guys! Once I figured out that the method worked repeatedly, I really wanted to make this video and dedicate it to all of you who helped me along the way. Right from finding my first press to making it work, I appreciate everyone’s efforts and contributions here!