Identify this press

just picked up this press, Save me form searching the archives. Looks like a lot of presses but size and handle do not match others. Most likely repainted maybe not and modified a little. Chase size is 7.5 x 11 no markings found. very heavy for hand press.

image: 7x11 press 001.jpg

7x11 press 001.jpg

image: 7x11 press 004.jpg

7x11 press 004.jpg

image: 7x11 press 002.jpg

7x11 press 002.jpg

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More likely 6.5” x 10” (measure from the inside dimensions of the chase).

This is most likely a press made by American Wood Type (AWT)…ironically, in Germany. A nameplate should be visible as the operator looks down when the handle is depressed and the press is closed. This was based on the design of the Chandler and Price Pilot…also 6.5” x 10”. It seems inconceivable to have improved on the overall design of the Pilot…but it’s my opinion that this press achieved some improvement over the Pilot on specific, small issues but also likely traded away some great features of the Pilot, I presume to avoid lawsuits and patent infringement (who knows?).

It might also be an asian knockoff of the Pilot. I found one last year that also had a 7x11 chase dimension. It was made in Taiwan and imported to the US via a company in San Francisco, several years after C&P stopped making the real Pilots.

I don’t think this is the German AWT “pilot”. The outside dimensions of the German press chase are 8-1/8” X 11-11/32”. Also, the arms for the delivery board are entirely different and the lever doesn’t have the saddle type grip.

Hi, Todd. Interesting little press. Should work well.

But it’s not a C&P Pilot. Not a Craftsmen clone, not an AWT/APE German-made Pilot clone

Besides, the rocker (front platen mount) casting and the adjustment bolts are different than the ones used on the familiar Pilots or Pilot clones.

No, this appears to be a rare attempt to improve upon the Pilot with a larger chase size. Probably made in Europe, though. If it was made in the USA, we’d most likely already know about it.

This could be a situation where someone - or some small company - had the brilliant idea to make a “better Pilot”, then found out just how damned difficult it was to actually manufacture a printing press… (something I am quite aware of…)

- but I’m sure that you can spec out & produce a good set of rollers for it… ;)

- Alan

Here are some shots of the Taiwanese “Pilot”.

image: ww.jpg


image: w.jpg


Thanks for help I new it was a odd one. Chase is 7.5 x 11 definitely looks like it made for deep impression. Looking forward to testing it out.