Lifting eyenut on a 13x18 Windmill?

Hi guys,

anybody knows if there’s a lifting eyenut place on a 13x18 Windmill as on 10x15?



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NO Eye bolt/Ring bolt on the 13 x18!!! Usually lifted with Machinery Strops (at least 2) through/under the base and braced with substantial spacers, (to save crushing vital parts) if lifted from a single point lift, which is fairly normal with, hydraulic lifting gear, normally crane lorry mounted , at least here in U.K.???
Re *the spacers* I/We learned the hard way and it cost?? attempted to move a 13 x 18 H/berg, just from one tiny unit to a slightly larger one, (on the cheap, which was not eventually), hired an Auto Engine Lifting crane rated at 2 1/2 imperial tons, lifting capacity at shortest arm, (13 x 18 upwards of 4,000 Lbs even with the motor off etc) yes it lifted and transported it 20 yards (just) but crushed one or two bits in the process, hence the spacers??? Good Luck.

Argh, even without the inking unit?