Block Print Inks

When I purchased my press a number of years ago, I also got a bag full of inks for block printing. I just came across these again. They are from Graphic Chemical & Ink Co. out of IL. Six are “Graphic Oil Based Block Print” inks, one doesn’t say it’s oil-based (so I’m assuming that it’s not) and the last is a “Tint Base Extender”. All are still unopened.

Has anyone used these inks on their presses? If so, how are the results? Can the ink (or the cleaner) do any damage to the rollers? And how do you clean after usage?

I’m doing some cleaning and purging, so was wondering if these are worthwhile to hang onto for letterpress printing.

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I have used many types of ink over the years, including Graphic Chemical Block Inks for letterpress: they work fine. Many do not contain any driers, which you might want to add for certain printing purposes. While I have used rubber and resin and oil based inks, I could not tell you which one of those choices would be the best. As long as the inks are not dried out and are still smooth and pliable, give them a shot. Clean up is as with any standard oil based ink: that can range from vegetable oil to California Wash to Kerosene, etc. Good printing!