Throw-off lever Arab platen press

I’m looking to obtain some more information about the throw-off lever on the Arab platen press. I own a press myself equipped with a throw-off lever and an adjustable impression knob. Last week, I was in Finland and instructed on an Arab press (older model) equipped with a throw-off lever, but no adjustment knob. However, I noticed that the lever can be adjusted by ongoing a bolt. Has anybody the same kind of lever/bolt system and can he/she give more information?

image: arab_press_lever_1.JPG


image: arab_press_lever_2.JPG


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Slightly off-topic, but has that press seen regular oiling? It looks a bit dry. Not to nit-pick, I’m just envious of how clean your press is compared to mine!

It’s not my own press, but it did get some oiling after I took the pictures. The press has been completely taken apart, cleaned and re-assembled. Don’t you worry about the oiling, it’s been taken care of!

Just checked mine c.1896 and there is no bolt although there should be one as there is a tapped hole! The casting around is split with a bolt at the front that clamps it to the cross shaft so that bolt is not doing anything anyway unless you wanted to use it as a marker point for adjustments. The throw-off lever on mine is in the same position - with the bolt at the top of the slot.