Unexposed photopolymer plate suppiers in Australia

Hi all,
Can anyone suggest a good supplier of unexposed photopolymer plates in Melbourne, Australia (or even just Australia).

I am trying to source plates that I can process and test at home for use on a C&P 10x15.
In the past I have been outsourcing this service, which has been great, but the costs are peaking and wanted to give it a crack with a UV exposure unit that I have.

Can anyone suggest a good, reliable supplier that sells ‘standard’ plastic backed plates that are water washable.

Also, any advice on successful plate making processes would be appreciated too! i.e. Tips on processing time, washing, drying and reprocessing.

Kind regards!

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I hadn’t planned on supplying raw plates but could consider it if you can’t source locally. I think you should find these prices for platemaking very competitive. A4 postage to Oz is NZ$3.00. The biggest issue is getting a high resolution, high density negative if you’re after quality.
Have a look at: www.moanaroadpress.com


Try ‘graphic art supplies’ they stock steel-backed plates but will order in plastic-backed if you ask.

Alternatively contact DSG (David Simon Graphics) in melbourne. They make my plates (at good prices) and might sell you packs of plastic-backed plates if you ask nicely.

Good luck!