Weight of 1881 Paragon Guillotine Cast Iron Paper Cutter

Does anyone know the weight of this cutter : 1881 Paragon Guillotine Paper Cutter??? I tried to look up info on this cutter with no luck..

Also would this be a good size cutter for a small shop operation 10X15 platen and maybe a smaller table top press. I am trying to piece together equipment that will work well together. I am just not sure if I am not taking something in count for future use. OR would it be smarter to buy a larger cutter and cut my house stock down??

Thank You

image: cut1.jpg


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That is a great little cutter! I’ve got one just like it in my shop, and it works like a charm.

I have no idea how much it weighs…. maybe 250 lbs, but that’s a guess.

HOWEVER….. a word of warning is in order: unlike newer paper cutters, (like perhaps a Reliant or Challenger) the PAR-A-GON has very little in the way of safety catches, and it WILL drop the blade unexpectedly. To be accurate, there IS a safety catch…. but it is not very reliable and is not totally self engaging. actually, it very seldom self engages, and will fool you into a false sense of security.

If your fingers are in the line of the blade when it drops, they will be GONE. For that reason, I can’t recommend it to a Newbie. It’s probably the most dangerous piece of equipment you’ll run across. ALSO, no matter what you do you can’t make it OSHA compliant, so you can never allow an employee to use it.

However, I must say that I use mine all the time. I’ve constructed a spring-loaded safety device that holds the blade in the UP position when at rest…. so it’s less likely to fall. Even so, I can’t recommend your using it unless you are fully aware of what it can do, and are willing to take the risk personally.

I have worked around larger more modern (like polar) cutters ,, I have always been very careful but we all know it doesnt matter, one slip..and thats it. - I will be the only one using the cutter because I have a one man garage shop.. however, can you send me a pic of how you rigged yours up for safety.. I might can go the extra mile and come up with something that would help make it even more safe when adjusting paper or whatever it being down around it. I want to keep all my fingers and it will probably be ropped off when not in use..

any idea of the value these are holding in todays market?? Thanks so much.. (if you caould send a pic..thanks ) [email protected]

I think a paper cutter is something that you should buy as big as possible, its something that you will always need and it is better to think ahead of the future. Having a bigger paper cutter will reduce the amount of waste paper when you have to cut down bigger sheets by hand to fit into this little one.
Although this one looks very nice, better think ahead.