UK Gumtree Pearl Press?

Just cruising the pages and saw this:


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No need for a project - the entry states “Full working order” (!)

More seriously - a chase seems to be present which would save one hassle in getting it working.

Pixie G. Looks like a Big re-commissioning, in its size range brilliant M/c but NO throw off lever, Not ideal for for even the keenest new one,? That is a heaveee flywheel, and unbraked for treadling, with No throw off if you drop a sheet, pain in the A***, to dust the platen down, (French Chalk) or wipe it down, (with spirit) to save set off on the next few sheets.? + that weight flywheel will almost certainly make structural modifications to ladylike fingers, with or without Pantone Red nail varnish.

Again, up & running, brilliant M/c.but with No Rollers (or even naked stocks and bearer wheels (trucks in U.S.A.) bordering on a Potential, Expensive Project, maybe call Reliant Rubber Engineering, Yorkshire, ask about supply of Rollers for a *Pearl* before you bid
I occasionally help with modest advice, re A Pearl for 2 good friends down in Hampshire, next County. westward.

PROJECT, possibly, but “make haste slowly” and with caution. Good Luck.

It looks like a UK copy, it doesn’t have the Pearl badge on the curve of the platen and won’t have Golding on the flywheel. It has the usual problem of missing feedboard brackets, the board slips down so they get thrown away.
It will give a bit more clout than an Adana 8x5 on impression. Easy to transport in 3 parts.

Hi Mick, I dont tend to have time for nail varnish and my own Pearl is a real Gem. I would love a larger print area though but this wasnt for my benefit wondered if anyone else here would consider giving it a new life. I got my rollers & runners from Todds in USA, pretty pricy on the customs but well worth it they are great. On our last move we used a puler to remove the fly wheel but its not so keen on going all the way back on. Dad suggested some abrasive cloth.

I agree totally platenprinter I tried to see the pearl badge but couldnt make one out, yes mine broke into 3 and I carried them myself. My dad struggled to lift the head, I realised he is getting old now :(