Family hates printers

When I was married, my x-wife and her entire family hated printers.
In fact, that why I am not married, my x-wife and her family want to sell at Sear as a clerk in place of being a printer.

Does any one know the reason, why these people would hate printers. Also This was back in the early 70s, when printers still worked in union shops, which I did.

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Well, trying to figure out people is a sure fire route to driving yourself nuts.

That said, could be that some folks look down on tradesmen. A lot of folks get very agitated about people belonging to a union. Heck, there’s a political party that’s still steamed about FDR and the New Deal, and would love to dismantle one of those quaint programs even now, 80 years later.

The point is, they likely will never change. While it’s not fun to have “family” disapprove of what you do (especially if you’re in a close knit bunch). You have to live life for yourself, otherwise the others will always know they have the power of misery over you.

Here I am in Australia. In Sydney where I did my trade the union was slightly in front of the left and the communist organisers took on Murdock in Sydney and beat him. It was a great time in printing. My in laws didnt’ accept me and still havent, they are completely reactionary. Ive been married ands happily printing with Jo for the last 35 years

Oh, I get it now, it was the union part, not the tradesman part that they hated.

They hated unions, so being a union printer was the major problem.

Thanks for clearing this matter for me. Been driving crazy for 40 plus years.

The key is to forget about the opinions of your ex and her family.

i’m with Steve on that one!

Since she’s your EX, it really doesn’t matter what she thinks, no matter how unfriendly it is / was. I especially wouldn’t worry about her family. They are probably just proles anyway…. who wanted to put on pretensions about being better than all the other proles.

“What is a Prole?” you might ask. I guess you’ll just have to read the book “1984”.

For those of us who have read it twice and still can’t remember, I hear that Google might have some answers.

it’s sort of like being a Plain-bellied Sneetch in the Dr. Suess book.