8 x 12 Chandler price drawings?

I have an opportunity to purchase a 8x12 chandler price old style that was taking apart and never reassembled.
Does anyone know where I can get a set of drawings or exploded view of this press so I can put it back together properly? I wouldn’t be concerned if I was the guy that took it apart but right now it’s a pile of parts on some pallets. It’s a good price and I think would be a fun project. Any help would be appreciated.

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There is no diagram specific to the Old Series presses, but the New Series presses are similar enough that the diagrams for that can be used. Most bits only go on one way.

Watch out for the side arms (oil holes go on top), the cam and stud inside the bull gear, and the throw-off assembly (particularly the saddle) can be tricky, but it’ll be obvious when you’ve got it wrong…the throw-off just won’t work smoothly. All of these have been discussed here; look in the archives.

My 8x12 came as a pile of bare metal parts and it went together relatively straight-forward. I’ve since disassembled and reassembled a number of C&Ps. If you run into a challenge, just come back here and ask.

If you say where you are located, there may be a knowledgeable printer nearby. I’m in Michigan if that helps.

I have an old style 10x15 and could provide pictures of the assembly for parts you can’t figure out. Am located in NJ if that’s nearby.

Thanks to both of you. I did find the new style drawing online and it really does look pretty straight forward. Guess it’s just my OCD rearing its head.
I am in NE Ct. Looking forward to the project.
Thanks for the replies.

Good luck with the press. A few years ago a friend and I put a 7 x 11 C& P back together. It took a while and some heavy lifting. Make sure you have a few strong friends. It goes together like a puzzle.
Being in NE CT. you are very luck to be pretty close to John Barrett’s Letterpress Things in Chicopee. If you get stuck, a visit or call to John will be worth the time.
Have fun,

I would suggest that you rent a hydraulic floor crane from a tool rental store, and get or rig up a choker sling. It will save you a lot of frustration and strain on the back and if you get a friend to help might save a friendship. You can pick up the heavy stuff no sweat.