SBG rollers

After many years as a die cut only press we have the need to print on our SBG. The rollers will have to be recovered. Where can I find the diameters that the rollers need to be? I have people that can do the work, just need to know the size.
Thanks Chuck

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On my Heidelberg Cylinder there are color coded tags on the roller locks that also indicate the sizes. The press manual should also have a page indicating the color and size of the rollers.

I’ve got 4 cylinders here 23, 28, 30 & 35 And all are color coded locks and rollers, but I don’t have a manual with the numbers for the 30”. All of them seem to be different diameters, and if we are going to start over the correct numbers would really help.

If all else fails, you could just give the cores to one of the bigger roller companies to recover. I’m sure they have the roller sizes, durometers, etc. on record. Your press is old but not that uncommon, so they should have records for that one. Here is one company, (which I think took over the old Samuel Bingham Roller Co.)