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Recently Rich Hopkins gave me permission to use a collection of pin mark photographs that he had done some time ago. This prompted me to put together a page with his information, marks from (and a reprint of) John S. Carroll’s 1961 study “The Pin Mark,” the same from Herb Harnish’s 1977 study “Pin Marks and Casters,” and a couple of my own photographs. It’s at:

I hope that this might be useful, and would welcome comments and corrections - as well as additional pin mark photographs if anyone might wish to share them.

David M.

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David, take a look at the Pin Marks group on Flickr, where there are 91 items — mostly photos of pinmarks.


Great – you are welcome to use/add my 42 photos from the flickr group Pin marks If you need some info or better photos please let me know.
Gott grüß die Kunst

BTW, I have some doublets of some the pin marks, not all, in my collection - so if anyone is interested in a swap please let me know and we might find out something.
Gott grüß die Kunst