Photo Engraving / Copper dies

I have a handful of old photo engraved photographic image blocks. Copper mounted on wood. These are half tones, and print amazing. Ive had little luck finding a place that currently offers this service, and does a quality job. Does anyone have any leads on a place to inquire with.

Ive tried Owosso.

Thank you.

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I’ve had great success with

Globe Photo Engraving.
19 North Washington Ave,
Little Ferry, NJ 07643
You can reach them at:
[email protected]

Try DeCrevel in Napa, CA. I’ve gotten .031” copper dies from them and mounted directly to my KF-152 Boxcar base. Work great, nice and sharp.

Don’t know if they’re any different or much better than Owosso but I’ve used Hodgins for mag cuts: