Need help looking to get my first press

I recently graduated undergrad and need a press/presses of my own so I can continue to make work from now until graduate school. I’m looking for an intaglio press preferably but I recently came across this kelsey excelsior 5x8 & the cabinet with all the type needed for it at $600 is it a good deal? Does anyone know where I could find an affordable intaglio press? Also as far as the kelsey press goes what all can be done with that press? Can you only do type set or would it work for relief? Intaglio with a thinned ink? Collagraph prints?

image: Screenshot_2015-02-16-19-44-13-1.png


image: Screenshot_2015-02-16-19-42-00-1.png


image: Screenshot_2015-02-16-18-53-42-1-1.png


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While these are nice presses and this seems to be a reasonable price, you are not able to do much with a Kelsey other than letterpress. You can print relief, but it must be a very small block without much surface area due to the limited amount of pressure they can provide. Intaglio would be way out of this press’s range.

You can buy an intaglio press on Dick Blick called the econo etch model II for about the same price if that is what you are looking for. I cannot speak to the quality of the Blick press, but it is designed to handle the pressure of intaglio prints.

There is a shop in scituate, ri that has a intaglio press. I believe. He sells on ebay.
I have an old press with a table 16”x40”. It took me years to find it. I got it on ebay too.
Good luck, they are not easy to find and most of the new ones are junk unless you spend thousands of dollars.
You might be better off looking for a co-op type set up and just pay for the time you use the press. Some of the art shops will let you buy time on their machines.