Dismantling a Challenge 305

Anyone have experience taking the rear table off a challenge 305? Im considering purchasing one for my shop but need to fit it through a hallway thats just a couple inches too narrow. Cutter is one of the older yellow ones and is outfitted with a micro cut jr. Thanks in advance.

image: 00Q0Q_9FpMH9zfVW9_600x450.jpg


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Just a thought- even if you figure out how to remove part of the table, which I think is probably an undertaking that is like a last-ditch effort/you don’t want to do unless you have to, You’ll likely run into some PITA issues with regard to the micro cut. There’s a sensor that follows the back-gauge (an encoder) and it does go along the back table. The box on the front is just a calculator- the other aspects of that system are professionally installed and not usually removed once they are.

You’re probably looking at a tech to come fix it once it’s off.

The table is one piece.
Done this several times years ago, has some taper pins in addition to bolts.
Need several people to lift and slide table out after bolts and pins are removed.
First step Remove Knife!!!!!
Good luck

skiyou is correct. the table is all one piece. the micro cut will unplug. watch for motor mount when packing onto shipping pallet. run it through calibration after assy. nothing light weight here so have some guys from local high school wrestling team around. back legs come off along with the front side tables. a competent machine person around is a big help, esp during re-assy. nothing should need to be “forced”do not use the pins or bolts to “draw” things into place. line table up as closely as possible when assembling. be sure to check level and square.

Thanks for the responses everyone. Did some additional measuring and it looks like I may not have to remove the table after all, thank god!

k,,, well,,,, it will be just that much heavier..