10x15 Heidelberg Windmill Letterpress

I am selling my red ball (mid 60’s) Letterpress machine that has been converted from a three phase to a single phase power supply with an inbuilt inverter on the back. You can plug it into any modern power point and play! This is great for someone who does not want the hassle of a costly conversion as this is already done (total cost $776)

It is fully operational and in good working order, sitting on a pallet for ease of removal - all you need is pallet jack that can support 1.5 tone and a tail lift truck (most courier companies have this facility)

Surface rust in parts but with some TLC it will be easy to get off with kero and wet or dry paper.

Comes with:

2 chases
Small box of wood and metal furniture,
Original Heidelberg oil can
other bits and pieces, red, yellow, black Vanson ink, Quoins and Rubber Grippers

You must organise removal - but I have some contacts for you.

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