Vertical Meihle drip tray

Can any tell me what the standard size oil drip tray is for a vertical Meihle ? (V45)


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Miehle listed an oil pan as part number 21612 but did not list dimensions. It should extend to just past the edges of the press where oil drips, but should be fairly tight in the front of the press where it is necessary to stand to work on the cylinder or to insert and remove the chase. It’s not good practice to stand partially in an oil pan in order to lift the chase into position. Often pressmen (presspersons?) will use a small step stool to aid in working the chase especially for shorter individuals. A Miehle Vertical chase can be quite heavy and having to stand on or in an oil pan can be dangerous. Miehles do shed a lot of oil.

I have 2 v50s and the pans are 4’ x 4’. Looking at them I think they are homemade so probably are not factory spec.
Fritz is right on about the oil, I put dry rags down everytime I use them so I don’t slip.


Thanks for the comments and Sizes, I last worked a vertical about 40 years ago and know the pitfalls