When I was a young shaver, my dad used to get his shirts pressed & folded; returned in cello in a lightweight cardboard box…Inside each shirt was a piece of gray cardboard, ~ 8” x 12”. Great stuff for any number of uses. I am having a tuff time trying to find this sort of lightweight gray tag/card/backing/press/ whatever-board. Any pointers?

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You sure it isn’t heavyweight chipboard?

Try your local paper house, depending the size they stock it I’m sure

I agree with both Jonsel and Theo Bell. As Jonsel says, call it chipboard when you are talking to the paper house.

Thanks, folks.

“Tagboard” is another term for it. Was used to make hangtags sometimes.

If it had white on one side, it would probably be c/1s, coated one side.



All I know is, Ritz Cracker Boxes make good leading
when cut into about 5/8” wide strips