13 x 18 Windmill Roller Height Adjustment

Hey guys, i am trying to get going with letterpress, ive come out with some pretty nice results however ive just noticed that my top right roller adjustment is not locking with i tighten it. Even if i tighten it i can just give it a little tap and it will move.

Is this an easy fix ? Any suggestions ?


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It’s probably broken in the insides. Take the lower right on to the machine guy and duplicate it.

I own two 10x15 windmills and had come a cross this problem a year ago.
It’s better to loosen both adjustment taps on one side before tapping either one of them to make adjustments. Else the taps will become quite disposable.

Thanks for the reply. Okay ill have a look at it, yeah just saw a post the other day also advising to lossen the top and bottom then adjust and then tighten.