heidelberg windmill stopped sucking after 2000 sheets the pump gets very hot

hi any tips clues on what is going on i intend to change all the hoses.

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Has the pump been getting oiled? Oil goes in the threaded opening for the intake filter once a week. Oil also goes in the fitting at the bottom of the pump weekly and into the felt surrounding the piston shaft daily.

Are the suction hose filters clean? The filters are on the top of the suction trip assembly and in the knurled ring threaded into the trip assembly.

hi anonymouse i replaced the hoses and cleaned the sucker bar with hot water and a compressor, so now its sucking again but i still have the problem with the pump that gets really hot i think its well oiled the previous owner might have put grease on the lower nipple of the pump maybe its obstructing the oiling there not sure.
i can feel very little air coming thru the seal of the piston shaft on top of the pump the red one, could this be causing the over heating.
is it dificult to dismantle the pump to clean it inside?i am afraid i might enconunter some delicate seals that might brake and i dont have any spear.
and yes the suction filters are clean and i replaced one.

sometimes the hoses collapse or crack. car radiator hose of the right diameter can be used to replace.

yes i used dunlop hoses 5/8 i think there made for some hidraulic system.

how is the “blower” side of the pump? heat is generated by compressing air. if there is a restriction in the blower side, this will generate heat. if you have the sheet separator turned off, i believe there is an adjustable ball valve to allow the pressure release. make sure this is working properly. i will check mine to be sure on this.


image: airrelease.jpg


the air release is about 9 turns out thank you

the valve for the powder spray is also open


“i think its well oiled”

It was once, or you continue to oil it properly?

i always work with the blowers if i have some very thin stock i release that valve a little bit more

okay, well obviously something is going on there. maybe a tool like this, help you to poke around and listen for abnormal grinding/ friction noises? have you disassembled to look for extreme wear?http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/KDT0/835/N0716.oap?ck=Search_N0716_-1_-1&pt=N0716&ppt=C0374

Inside the air pump are a couple of “flappers” that control the air flow on both the out and in air stroke. One of these may be damaged….

mwilbanks3 when you mean inside where?the one at the bottom i think i can accessit from the outside i do have 3 or 4 spare parts of those i think.

One thing that happens to us fairly frequently is that the plastic sucker slide gets bumped during make ready so the holes in it don’t align with those of the sucker bar. When this happens the press sounds the same, looks to be functioning correctly, but it just won’t pickup paper. The first time it happened we spent a half hour checking hoses, valves etc before we figured it out.

Might not be the case for yours but just something you might want to check.

its not the plastic sucker slide (never used them).as i wrote before now it is sucking only thing that remains is to figure out why the pump gets so hot. thank you.

Sorry. Ment where the hoses connect to the air pump on top and bottom. Take the hose connector plate off and there you will find the flapper - err the one way air flow vanes. check these out.

Disasemble some parts of the pump and do some cleaning and checking. Those flaps mwilbanks3 mentioned appears when you undo the nuts that are next to the air hoses, and remove the hose-connecting part.

Inside the pump is usually loads of dirt.