Windmill Gripper/Side Guide Problem

We just got a new windmill, and I am having a bit of trouble with the feeding. The grippers seem to be delivering the paper too far to the right, so that the side guide smashes into the sheet instead of, well, guiding it. I get a big dent in the edge of the sheet each time. Any ideas on what may be the culprit?

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With power off, I’d advance the press slowly by hand and see if the grippers are opening properly and there is clean release of the paper into the lower guides.

I’d run the press at the slowest speed.

I’d then get the side guide as far right as it will go. Not the best solution, but a start.

I’d check that the linkage for the lower and side guides moves freely and fully retracts/extends. (knurled knob un-latched.)

If all else seems right, and the right guide seems to be rising late, there are adjustments, but chime back with details before going there.

I pulled the right guide all the way out, which helped but didn’t eliminate the problem. From everything I can tell moving the press by hand, the timing seems right. The grippers do seem to be grabbing a fairly large bite of the paper, more than I’ve seen on the other windmills I’ve used. I do seem to remember that there was an adjustment for that, but I can’t remember what that adjustment was.

maybe you have the side guide for smaller stock on the press, that would bend the sheet.

As Dick says, the small stock guide attachment can interfere, a picture of the guide might help.

Is the paper being picked-up in line with the gripper, or is it crooked… the front feed standard (with the fingers & blast) can be adjusted for angle, which might cause a deeper bite near the guide. A pencil line on the stock along the gripper by stopping the press just after pickup will tell.

The bite can be reduced by using the cheater rods that clip onto the front feed standard. They are sometimes used for small stock like business cards.

How big are the sheets? Or, does it happen on all, regardless of size?

Once I helped fixed a press with similar problems. Check if the gripper is really swinging too far, to an extent that might hit the right roller rail. If that is so, I advise you to ask a professional press maintenance guy to open up the gripper assembly and adjust the travel of the grippers.