Chandler & Price 8x12 Weight?

Does anyone here know a ballpark weight figure on a C & P 8x12 letterpress? I’m trying to move one but want to be able to know that the equipment i’m using will be able to handle the weight.

Thank you for reading members..

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I never found an exact weight for the 8x12, but i believe they are around to 500kg mark. Make sure the equipment you are using is rated for more than this obviously, especially any straps that are used when transporting. Remember that extra weight is added to the straps when you go round corners and braking in the transport vehicle.

I read in a listing posted here on the site that an 8 x 12 weighs 1050 lbs. Be careful: these presses are top-heavy and tipsy!


Thank you ThePeddlingPressman for that information, definitely my strapping will be adequate the method of transport is what i’m undecided on (closed or open trailer).
thanks again…


Jim jereb thank you,

I believe the lift I have will be sufficient to lift the press just a bit so I can get something lumber underneath for transport. On the top heavy aspect I have been getting that information but I’m gonna try to keep it as low as possible and take my time with it. Thanks again…


I would recommend an open trailer as they seem a little easier to maneuver within and typically have more substantial tie down points.


Justin Miller (BoundStaff Press) has a good archive of CP literature, including a catalog which gives all of the relevant specifications (weight, dimensions, space through which the press will pass with various bits taken off, etc.)

A google search on “chandler price press literature” will also get you to his site.

David M.

Thank you dicharry for your response I will be factoring in that in when I move this press. Thank you…


David I appreciate the link in your message, that is a whole bunch of great information very much appreciated.

I don’t want to take this press apart and I want to make sure that the equipment I will be using is up is adequate for the job.



I have a C&P8x12 if your interested in stopping by and get a first hand look at what you’re going to get. I can also show you the system I make to move them. Lm located in Round Lake, North of Chicago. Contact me at [email protected] if your interested.
Best of luck with your move,Jerry

I’ve been slowly working on a list of letterpress machine weights:

The answer has already been given, this post is for the benefit future googlers.

i would use an open trailer. A) reason stated above; B) it is easier to monitor during the move, if press is shifting, or straps are coming loose; C) if it does tip over, the walls on the enclosed won’t be strong enough to hold the press back, and all you’ve done is wreck and enclosed trailer

An 8x12 NS with motor and mount and skidded for shipment weighs 1411. Skid weighs 50. This weight comes from my certified floor scales.

On sight 26/04/2015 publication from`61/`62 British Printer, specification manual of printing machinery,
550 pages, Hundreds of specs. for many M/c.s.
Would happily post anything/everything basically relevant, I.E. letterpress.
Mostly the specs., give Size, I.P.H. Footprint, Gross/Net weights, etc etc etc…
Unfortunately the only C. & P. listed is the Parallel Impression model @15” x 23” . . Net weight 41 & 1/2 Cwts. Gross weight 45 & 1/2 Cwts.

Good cross section of L/Press M/c`s including many from Europe and Germany.

Brief resume of a few:- V.M. Holmes Vertical,? Albert Automat, Mercedes Glockner, . . Pershke Titan,. . H/bergs, . . Wharfedales and many more.

Given a request, could post just the Bare Name and type of everything listed that may be relevant, followed by specific detailed resume from the published Specs. . If required.
On line or Off. Given help could probably post Monochrome reproductions.?

At 500+ pages, many many entries above and beyond Letterpress.


Mick can you bring book to museum, next , sounds great!

Thank you all for the information I sincerely appreciate it. I will be heading out to pick this press up within the week.

Jp1075 - I might take you up on that offer, greatly appreciate
the help.

Keelan - Great information and thank you for the link.

ericm - I will take that advice thank you, it does absolutely
make sense using an open trailer and thank you
for the weight information.

By the way did I mentioned it is an old style C&P, I don’t know if that matters or not but again thank you all for the information.