Searching for ‘jgaltprinter’

Hello all,

I’m hoping someone out there can help me locate ‘jgaltprinter’. The email address I have on file has come back returned and I wondered if someone out there in the Briar Press community has a current email address for him. If so, could you kindly send me a private message. Many thanks in advance.

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Our old buddy Lou—do a Google search for “jgaltprinter” and it will all unfold before your eyes.

Hey Fritz, my search shows jgaltprinter as someone who complained about Lou and Excelsior, and hasn’t posted here since 2012.

I don’t believe jgaltprinter and Lou to be the same person.Hopefully there is a lead out there? Thank you.

I believe that Lou is now using the Briar Press name “tokens333” out of Smithfield, RI in the classifieds.