Containers for Prints

Random question here friends…when a job is finished, are there any containers or boxes or reusable portfolio type things anyone recommends for finished works?

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I use poly bags from Uline for posters and keep these in a flat file.

Inky Lips Press

We use I broke down a while back and bought packs with 100 bags in about 15 different sizes. From small ones to hold business cards up to 18” x 24.” We always set aside 5 of every piece we print as part of our archive (expecting to give it to the local University library some day). We also use the bags to group work we get from printers whose work we like. We do a lot of workshops with design students and we like showing work by other interesting printer. All in all we use a lot of the bags.

I love Toploaders.
Cardboard gold has them on sale occasionally. I like them because they’re very protective of the prints and keep anything from denting, corners kept neat, and helps prevent wrinkling or buckling. You can get them for poster sizes up to 24x36 as far as I’ve seen.

Heavenpress. I like the idea of a toploader. But they seem to be for single sheet use. I have piles of stuff sometimes. Seems silly to spend a bunch of money on a fancy hardcase for paper but then again I do need to protect them

Well, yes. OK. If you are talking about piles, you should make your own boxes out of museum board.
Or TALAS has Pre-made boxes, and/or can supply you with them from your specs. They have a CNC box making machine.