Chandler and Price Motor / Contact wheel

Hi! I’ve been powering my 10 x 15 C & P with what I believe is called a “DRIVE WHEEL” or “CONTACT WHEEL”. The motor sits just behind the flywheel, attached to the pin of the motor is a 3” diameter / 2” wide metal wheel that is wrapped in leather. This wheel is in direct contact with the flywheel, which transfers power from the motor to the press. I’d prefer using a pulley on the shaft - but the shaft has been sheared off all the way to the pinion gear. That said, the DRIVE WHEEL I’ve been using for the past 5 years, and came with the press, is worn out. Any idea if I am identifying the part correctly? And if so, where might I find a replacement??? THANK YOU!

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Talk with John Knox at

He is an expert on leather belts and I am sure he can help you recover your pulley.

And he is located just north of Chicago also!


As the quest appears to be, *How to convert from Friction Drive* >the generally accepted term for what you have,< as you say your are currently driving straight on the flywheel it is not exactly rocket science to introduce a secondary pulley on to the flywheel to revert to *V* belt either A series or B series.??

Around the ratio of 10 to 1 or whatever = Smaller driver on the motor, Larger Driven on the flywheel.

Mounted one of several ways, A three equidistant bolts through the flange of the driven pulley and the flange of the Flywheel if it be a disc, as in Discus, … B 3/4/or 5 equidistant bolts through the flange of the driven pulley and the opposing spokes, or . . C, 3 or 4 equidistant *U* bolts matching the curvature of the spokes and bolted, (with spacers?) through the flange of the pulley, i. e. 3 *U* bolts with 6 legs through the Pulley, possibly with very thin spacers to match the imperfections in the casting of the pulley spokes, for perfect alignment.!!

Generally *V* belts A or B section can be sourced with gripper style teeth in the V . . often an asset when running a very small DRIVING pulley with less than 30/40% wrap around.

The above offered on the basis that there is no other usable Pulley(s) available.??

M.O.M. April 2015.

Mick, To me it looks like he just wants to replace what he had.
you forgot about the motor turning the wrong way on a friction drive vs belt drive.
babble on…..