Special adjustable XY axis style guage pins

I went by someone and i found these special gauge pins. There is no need to cut papers or anything. The guages just move along the metal straps. Anyone know where i can find these? Is it just some home made setup?

image: Screenshot-2015-05-26-21.23.jpg


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They are proprietary to Kluge platen letterpresses. No, the Kluge feeder on a C & P does not have this feature, though I like the solution shown in the picture.

Later Kluges had a micro adjust design of this, which allows very small movement—handy for register and multi-color work.

Sort of a mismash of stuff on the picture, but we sell the bottom bands, the bottom gauge blocks in brass—several types of these— and the side guide in the upper part of the picture. The bands come in lengths to match the press size, and there are band attachments to rods welded to the sides of the bottom tympan bale. Not shown in this picture are also the sheet finger tongues that hold the sheet in place against the bottom gauges once the sheet has been fed to the platen. The Kluge system works especially well for die cutting which is how this press is set up. The bottom band can be adjusted up and down within a small range of movement, and the side guide works off a bottom rod at the base of the platen that moves the side guide sideways to register the sheet.

In case you are wondering, the tape across the band is not necessarily to hold the band in place, but rather to keep the sheet from feeding under the band. This is a good system, but you’d better be darned certain about the placement of your form in the chase and its position relative to the current position of the gauge band. a crushed form or die can result if not careful.

i actually like this system better than the micro-adjust. the blocks are smaller on this one. this is a system of parts which can easily be adapted to the 10x15; 12x18; 13x19; or 14x22 CP or Kluge press.
I am sure that Fritz can sell you all of the required items. if he can’t i can order factory direct. Kluge sometimes has an issue if you don’t supply a valid Frame number.
The key components here are actually on the side of the platen. these allow the band to stay in place and be drawn tight to the platen. i usually tape in place as a precaution, and prevent any sheet “bounce” or “rebound” type activity.

image: bot  band slide.jpg

bot band slide.jpg

Thanks guys, we definitely getting some where. I just emailed you Fritz.