C&P 10X15 Belt

I have a Chandler & Price 10x15 and am in need of a new belt that runs from the motor to the belt. I hope someone would have a recommendation where I might be able to find one?

Thank you

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Sorry, I tried to post a picture with the original post but it didn’t take… here is a photo of our letterpress and the belt.

Thank you again

image: LetterpressBelt.gif


It looks like a V-belt. A well-stocked auto parts store might have one, or a well-stocked hardware store, or some place like Tractor Supply. Take the old belt for comparison and length measurement.


You would be better off going to an industrial supply like grainger the “pitch” of the v is different for automotive appilcation and the size is more industrial than automotive.
Ted Lavin

McMaster-Carr — great website and easy ordering.

10 Cents from afar, Generally *V* belts at that apparent size are usually (B) section, substantially wider and deeper than (A) section, i.e. B section approx., 3/4” wide and 3/4” deep, as opposed to A section 1/2” x 1/2”.
Closer examination may well show up as B section with the corresponding Driving Pulley to suit .

Here U.K. we normally see B section used where long run(s) and large Power transmission is involved.!!

And by the same token, where a lot of power is called for/needed it is common practice to purchase and use, Belts (plural) in matched pairs, providing the Driver & Driven pulleys are equipped for twin belts, as in Agricultural machinery, as suggested by T.L. above.

Here (in the same situation) we would visit our Local Agricultural Merchants, they all posses a device (akin to a shoe stretching machine, only bigger) to measure the existing belt, whole or otherwise, and then offer belt(s) in increments of 1” up to the length for *COMBINE HARVESTERS* including Massey Ferguson, & Your own JOHN DEERE.

Apologies if the ramblings are a waste of space.

Thank you so much for all the suggestions!

I was at a loss as to where to begin looking and this info will help me do some research.

I don’t know if the link will work but this is a video of our press as we were putting it through its very first test run.


Thanks again for all your help!