Just a thank you!

I sold my 300th Falstrom letterpress adjusting gauge today. It may not seem like a lot to some, but, when you make each one by hand out in a little shop it feels like a lot. I just wanted to thank the letterpress community for their support. This is a great group of diverse people with a common interest and it is great to be a part of it.


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Your platen adjusting gauge is an indispensable tool that is used on every press we touch, full restoration or tune up. I thank you for recognizing the need, engineering a good product and delivering on-time in full. We don’t hesitate to recommend the tool in dispensing advise. We celebrate your milestone.

We continue to be blessed with demand and find our adventure with cast iron to be fulfilling. Shipping a completed press or component repair is meeting a printers need. That is satisfying.

Keep up the good work John.

Tom & Terri


Congratulations John!

Winfred Reed
Black Diamond Press (Kentucky)

Want to thank you for all of you time and advice. You direction about putting a new key in the main crank for the flywheel on the Pearl worked perfectly. The over-the-center clanking disappeared immediately.

We are in the process of having a new treadle cast. Once we see how that turns out I will post the whole episode including our “proof of concept” test by making a wooden treadle.

For now thank again,
warm regards,

Congratulations John! I love your handy tool and use it all the time.

Thanks for the kind words.