Recently acquired multigraph presses and accessories

Hello all!

Recently we acquired a huge lot of Multigraph stuff (multiple presses, setters, cabinets, a staggering amount of type, etc.) and we’d like for it to find a good home, but seem to be having some trouble locating much info about where to start. We understand that posting a classified ad here isn’t acceptable for Multigraph items, so we’re simply reaching out to the Briar Press community for some guidance. Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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As far as I know, Multigraph is fine. It is the multilith or offset presses that are not appropriate.

Dave Robinson, the “Ink in Tubes” guy has a fabulous collection of Multigraph presses and type.

Where are you located?

There may be other people interested.

Hope this helps.

Thank you!

That’s a great help. Much appreciated.

We’re located in Downtown Louisville, Ky.

We’d love to see it all go to the same home, since it came from a single collection, but are possibly willing to piece it out.

If it’s not against the rules to post a classified ad, we’ll try to get one up tomorrow with details and some photographs.

Thanks again!