Type Drawers

Let’s all talk about how I just found an empty type drawer on Etsy for $200.


I am resisting the urge to email them telling them how insane they are for thinking that an old, beat up type drawer is worth that. It is quite unfortunate that people have started using drawers for decoration or holding their jewelry, because it’s now making it very hard to find drawers in good condition under $75.

*end rant*

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It must of originated from this cabinet.
Original asking price was $7500…
Can’t quite make out the the solid gold handles???


I often see adverts like these and imagine an old man somewhere wanting to keep them but his wife saying they must go so he lists them for sale at a crazy price.
Then keep telling the wife, i’m trying to sell them but no one wants them these days…..

I’ve noticed a lot of type cases going for high prices on Etsy. Rather expensive indeed.

We have a number of them we’re looking to part with. I’ve just made a posting on the website of Ambrosi Printers http://www.ambrosi.ca/ambrosi-printers/letterpress-equipment-books/type-...

Its nice that people are beginning to look at type cases and see their beauty rather than see them as old junk.

image: Image00001 400.jpg

Image00001 400.jpg

image: 2015-06-05_0RA9824_v1 EDIT-PC-TM2 1200.jpg

2015-06-05_0RA9824_v1 EDIT-PC-TM2 1200.jpg

wasn’t it Aaron desparate to close his place in Huston- might be more $ in selling the cases rather than the ‘invaluable’ type, plus scrap lead if he has that????